The European Centre for
Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology

MATHMET2016 - International workshop on mathematics and statistics for metrology

MATHMET2016 - The preliminary program is available now.
The MATHMET workshop will provide a forum for applied mathematicians, statisticians, and metrologists to present and discuss contemporary methods and challenges in applications of mathematical models and statistical data analysis to measurement science. Specific areas of application that may have dedicated sessions include: measurement uncertainty and uncertainty quantification, reference materials and chemometrics, calibrations, interlaboratory studies (including key comparisons and proficiency tests), nanometrology and optics, dimensional metrology, measurements in medicine, forensics, medical and industrial imaging, atmospheric science and climatology, and molecular biology.

The preliminary program is now available for download.

Invited speakers

  • Olha Bodnar (PTB, Germany)
  • Nicolas Fischer (LNE, France)
  • Alistair Forbes (NPL, UK)
  • Tony O' Hagan (University of Sheffield, UK)
  • Sebastian Heidenreich (PTB, Germany)
  • Leslie Pendrill (SP, Sweden)
  • Adrian Sandu (VirginiaTech/NIST, USA)
  • Blaza Toman (NIST, USA)
  • Adriaan van der Veen (VSL, the Netherlands)

Registration deadline 23rd October 2016

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