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Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology

MATHMET Workshops with great resonance

The MATHMET workshops MATHMET2016 and DYNAMIC2016 have been a huge success with all together about 150 attendees, prominent invited speakers and great discussions.
Author: Sascha Eichstädt

The MATHMET Workshop MATHMET2016 was attended by almost 100 researchers and contained contributions from applied mathematics & statistics, uncertainty quantification, calibrations, conformity assessment and many more.
Constructive and fruitful discussions at the sessions and during the coffee breaks demonstrated the importance of such an event that brings together experts on mathematics and statistics in metrology.

MATHMET2016 was followed by the MATHMET Workshop DYNAMIC2016, organized by the MATHMET Project "Mathematical and statistical tools for dynamic measurements". With over 50 attendees it was the largest conference of this series so far. Application areas containing torque, pressure, force, temperature, voltage and mathematical tools covering system theory, nonlinear dynamic models , deconvolution and many more, the workshop once more demonstrated the increasing importance of dynamic metrology.
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