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Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina acts as National Metrology Institute of B&H. It comprises three main sectors responsible for the fields of industrial metrology, scientific metrology and legal metrology. The following metrology areas are covered within the scope of the existing laboratories: mass and related quantities - pressure and vacuum, volume and liquid flow, gas flow, density and viscosity of liquids, hardness; temperature and humidity; ionizing radiation; heat; dimensional quantities – length; electrical quantities; time and frequency; chemical quantities – quality of precious metals, quality of liquid fuels, quality of gaseous fuels and heavy metals. Verification laboratory covering seven different areas within legal metrology also operates within the Institute. The Institute is responsible for the enforcement of laws and bylaws and for research and development in the field of metrology. The Institute was a member of the EMRP and has actively participated in four JRP in the field of energy and environment. This trend continued through membership in the EMPIR where there are six currently running projects in various fields.
Key personnel of the stated laboratories participate in the creation of procedures for implementation and evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons and for the calculation of measurement uncertainty developing and using different statistical models. Department of Chemistry is active as a PT provider in relevant areas as disseminator of reference values with measurement uncertainty of the assigned values evaluated applying empirical models.
Laboratory for volume and flow provides Computational Fluid Dynamics support for on-going EMRP project ENG59-NNL: "Sensor development and calibration method for inline detection of viscosity and solids content of non-Newtonian liquids". CFD modelling of non-Newtonian liquids is used for deeper analysis of the flow features in viscometers including examination of measurement results, influence of the presence of solid particles, instability occurrence and geometry (end) effects.

Key personnel

Katarina Hafner

Katarina Hafner, an expert advisor and quality manager at the Chemistry Department of the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Responsible for the activities within laboratory at the level of preparation and analysis of technical documentation on metrological parameters of the research activities, requirements, conditions or characteristics of measuring instruments, methods or procedures in the laboratory, as well as International correspondence. She is active in preparation of the development and research project proposals within EURAMET bodies and through bilateral cooperation with other NMIs and external partners, as well as implementation of projects objectives. Implementation of the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 17043 to the achievement of accreditation certificate from national accreditation bodies of B&H: BATA and Germany: DAkkS, respectively. She is currently involved on the ENG54 Metrology for Biogas JRP.

Contact directly: EmailHafner

Branko Vučijak

Branko Vučijak, an expert advisor at the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a professor at the Faculty of Mathematical Engineering, University of Sarajevo. Dr Vučijak has more than thirty three years of experience, most of that in the management in water and environment sector, in parallel to teaching at the university with both applied mathematics and engineering education background. During the last 20 years he achieved numerous engagements as project director, project manager in different capacity building, technical assistance and supervision oriented projects, with extensive experience in technical issues and project monitoring in the projects funded by international financial institutions i.e. EC, UNDP, USAID, WB, EBRD, SIDA, NORAD etc. Dr Vučijak has more than 80 national and international publications in the fields of Water Management, Environment Management, Operational and Financial Management and Multi-criteria Decision Making, Statistical Process Control, including two books on water management.

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Key publications

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