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IPQ (Instituto Português da Qualidade) as the Portuguese National Metrology Laboratory (LNM) has all of the national standards of the measurement units of the International System (SI) base quantities and several SI derived quantities. LNM ensures the implementation, development and maintenance of the national primary standards of measurement units and the traceability chain to SI, assuring and managing the metrology system.

In the field of scientific metrology, the LNM has accompanied the main technical and scientific developments through the participation in European projects within the framework of Implementing Metrology in the European Research Area (i-MERA-Plus), European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) and the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). LNM has also participated in several interlaboratory comparisons in order to ensure the traceability of measurements, as a National Measurement Institute (NMI).

IPQ is a public institute and plays a crucial role to support the national economy needs in order to foster a joint response to emerging societal challenges, including the participation in future European metrology research centres and in R&D projects under the EMPIR to enable further collaboration with international institutions in research and development activities, aiming for accuracy and consistency of measurement in innovative fundamental and applied research in areas with economic and social impact.

Key personnel

João A. Sousa
The new director of the IPQ-LNM (João A. Sousa) has been involved in research work in the field of mathematical modeling of measurement systems since 2000, with published work in this area since 2003. He has strong links with the mathematical and scientific computing group of the NPL, where he spent a secondment period in 2006. Several papers have resulted from this continued collaboration, as it can be seen in the next section (track record), involving mainly the application of statistical tools (e.g. Monte Carlo, Bayesian methods) to metrological problems in a broad range of areas, e.g., ionization radiation or thermal comfort.
Contact directly: EmailSousa

Isabel Godinho
The director of the IPQ Metrology Department (Isabel Godinho) has a PhD in Electrical Metrology and a track record of research in different area of metrology, including fundamental research related to the Hall Quantum effect and the Vibration area. In this context, it has used a number of specific software tools for the development and management of laboratory activity, namely development and implementation of algorithms in LabView for automation of experimental systems, statistical treatment and data management as Monte Carlo simulation, related with the estimation of measurement uncertainty.
Contact directly: EmailGodinho

Other researchers
Other IPQ researchers with special interest in the mathematical and computational aspects of metrology include Olivier Pellegrino, Head of the Photometry, Radiometry and Refractometry Laboratories, PhD in Physics (Marie Curie, France), Carlos Pires PhD student working in the Time and Frequency domain, and Luís Ribeiro Head of the Electrical Laboratory.
Contact directly: EmailPellegrino, EmailPires, EmailRibeiro

Key publications

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