Analysis of dynamic measurements

Publications related to dynamic metrology

The number of publications addressing the analysis of dynamic measurements keeps growing rapidly. This page provides an overview on selected publications in this area.

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Concept paper on metrology for the factory of the future

Modern industrial production and assembly lines increasingly rely on aggregated measurement information from sensor networks, automated system control and decision-making. This requires reliable information about the manufacturing processes, which is to be derived from measurement data. Data analysis and machine learning tools for large data sets, sometimes also called “big data analysis” are often applied to the sensor network data with the aim of compensating for potential measurement deficiencies of the individual sensors.

The following is a concept paper to outline a potential project proposal for next year's "Call for Industry" in the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research. The concept paper has been jointly created by Sascha Eichstädt (PTB, Germany), Trevor J. Esward (NPL, United Kingdom) and Nicolas Fischer (LNE, France).
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Recent scientific journal papers


Industrial Dynamic Measurements: A Best Practice Guide

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Initially developed as part of the EMRP research project "Traceable dynamic measurement of mechanical quantities", this guide aims at providing practical information and advice to engineers and technicians in industry who carry out dynamic measurements in the course of their work.

MATHMET Dynamic continues development of this guide, taking into account recent advances in dynamic metrology.

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