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Scientific papers, guidelines, best-practice guides and relevant publications for mathematics and statistics in metrology are published by MATHMET members in various locations. In order to improve visibility of this work, MATHMET provides a searchable data base of relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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C. Elster and B. TomanBayesian uncertainty analysis under prior ignorance of the measurand versus analysis using the Supplement 1 to the Guide: a comparisonMetrologia, vol 46(3), 261-2662009
J. P. HesslingA novel method of dynamic correction in the time domainMeasurement Science and Technology2008
J. P. HesslingDynamic metrology—an approach to dynamic evaluation of linear time-invariant measurement systemsMeasurement Science and Technology2008
J. P. HesslingDynamic calibration of uni-axial material testing machinesMechanical systems and signal processing, 22, nr. 2, 451-4662008
R. Model, A. Rathsfeld, H. Groß, M. Wurm and B. BodermannA scatterometry inverse problem in optical mask technology.J. Phys. 135, 0120712008
H. Groß and A. RathsfeldSensitivity analysis for indirect measurement in scatterometry and the reconstruction of periodic grating structuresWaves. Random. Complex. Media. 18, 129-1402008
R. WillinkEstimation and uncertainty in fitting straight lines to data: different techniquesMetrologia 45(3), 2902008
G. LeandroMeta-analysis in Medical Research: The handbook for the understanding and practice of meta-analysisJohn Wiley & Sons2008
BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIMLEvaluation of Measurement Data—Supplement 1 to the ‘Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement’—Propagation of Distributions Using a Monte Carlo MethodJoint Commitee for Guides in Metrology, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, JCGM 1012008
C. Elster, A. LinkUncertainty evaluation for dynamic measurements modelled by a linear time-invariant systemMetrologia2008
G. Wübbeler, M. Krystek and C. ElsterEvaluation of measurement uncertainty and its numerical calculation by a Monte Carlo methodMeas. Sci. Technol., vol 19(8), 0840092008
A. B. Forbes, M. G. Cox, G. B. Rossi and P. M. HarrisA probabilistic approach to the analysis of measurement processesMetrologia, 452008
Martin Milton, Peter Harris, Andrew Brown and Chris CowperNormalisation of natural gas composition data measured by gas chromatographyMeasurement Science and Technology vol 202008
L. R. PendrillOptimised measurement uncertainty and decision-making in conformity assessmentNCSLi Measure, vol 2, nr. 2, 76-862007
C. Elster, W. Wöger and M. G. CoxDraft GUM Supplement 1 and Bayesian analysisMetrologia 44, 31-322007
G. H. Nam, M. G. Cox, P. M. Harris, S. P. Robinson, G. Hayman, G. A. Beamiss, T. J. Esward and I. M. SmithA model for characterizing the frequency-dependent variation in sensitivity with temperature of underwater acoustic transducers from historical calibration dataMeas. Sci. Technol. 18, 1553-15622007
A. Possolo and B. TomanAssessment of measurement uncertainty via observation equationsMetrologia 44(6), 4642007
M.G. CoxThe evaluation of key comparison data: determining the largest consistent subsetMetrologia, 44, 187-2002007
R. DerSimonian and R. KackerRandom-effects model for meta-analysis of clinical trials: an updateContemporary Clinical Trials 28, 105-1142007
B. TomanBayesian approaches to calculating a reference value in key comparisonsTechnometrics 49, 81-872007
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