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Scientific papers, guidelines, best-practice guides and relevant publications for mathematics and statistics in metrology are published by MATHMET members in various locations. In order to improve visibility of this work, MATHMET provides a searchable data base of relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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A. Bosnjakovic, Dzemic ZijadLegal Metrology for Medical DevicesCMBEBIH2017
A. Dienstfrey, P. D. HaleColored Noise and Regularization Parameter Selection for Waveform MetrologyInstrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on2014
A. Dienstfrey, P. D. Hale, D. A. Keenan, T. S. Clement, D. F. WilliamsMinimum-Phase Calibration of Sampling OscilloscopesMicrowave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on2006
A. G. Steele and R. J. DouglasChi-squared statistics for KCRV candidatesMetrologia 42, 2532005
A. L. RukhinEstimating heterogeneity variance in meta-analysisJournal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B 75, 451–469 2013
A. Liebert, H. Wabnitz, and C. ElsterDetermination of absorption changes from moments of distributions of times of flight of photons: optimization of measurement conditions for a two-layered tissue modelJ. Biomed. Opt. 17, 0570052012
A. Link, C. ElsterUncertainty evaluation for IIR (infinite impulse response) filtering using a state-space approachMetrologia2009
A. Manzin, G. Barrera, F. Celegato, M. Coïsson, and P. TibertoInfluence of lattice defects on the ferromagnetic resonance behaviour of 2D magnonic crystalsScientific Reports vol. 62016
A. O'HaganEliciting and using expert knowledge in metrologyMetrologia, Volume 51, Number 4 , S237 2014
A. PossoloFive examples of assessment and expression of measurement uncertaintyApplied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 29, 1-302013
A. PossoloStatistical models and computation to evaluate measurement uncertaintyMetrologia, Volume 51, Number 4 , S228 2014
A. Possolo and B. TomanAssessment of measurement uncertainty via observation equationsMetrologia 44(6), 4642007
A. Possolo and C. ElsterEvaluating the uncertainty of input quantities in measurement modelsMetrologia 51, 339-3532014
A.Forbes, J. Alves e SousaThe GUM, Bayesian inference and observation and measurement equationsMeasurement2011
A.L. Rukhin and A. PossoloLaplace random effects models for interlaboratory studiesComputational Statistics & Data Analysis 55, 1815–1827 2011
Amanda Koepke, Thomas Lafarge, Antonio Possolo, Blaza TomanConsensus building for interlaboratory studies, key comparisons, and meta-analysisMetrologia 54(3)2017
Andrea Malengo and Francesca PennecchiA weighted total least-square algorithm for any fitting model with correlated variablesMetrologia, vol. 50, nr. 6, 654-6222013
B. Arendacká, A. Täubner, S. Eichstädt, T. Bruns and C. Elster Linear mixed models: GUM and beyondMeas. Sci. Rev. 14, 52-612012
B. TomanLinear statistical models in the presence of systematic effects requiring a Type B evaluation of uncertaintyMetrologia 43(1), 272006
B. TomanBayesian approaches to calculating a reference value in key comparisonsTechnometrics 49, 81-872007
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