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Scientific papers, guidelines, best-practice guides and relevant publications for mathematics and statistics in metrology are published by MATHMET members in various locations. In order to improve visibility of this work, MATHMET provides a searchable data base of relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIMLGuide to the Expression of Uncertainty in MeasurementInternational Organization for Standardization, Geneva Switzerland1995
(BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIMLEvaluation of measurement data – The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment Joint Commitee for Guides in Metrology, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, JCGM 1062012
A. Allard and N. FischerRecommended tools for sensitivity analysis associated to the evaluation of measurement uncertaintyAdv. Math. Comput. Tools Metrol. Test. IX, World Scientific vol 84 2012
A. Allard, N. Fischer, F. Didieux, E. Guillaume and B. IoossEvaluation of the most influent input variables on quantities of interest in a fire simulationJ. Soc. Fr. Stat. 152,103-117.2011
A. Allard, N. Fischer, G. Ebrard, B. Hay, P. M. Harris, L. Wright, D. Rochais, J. MattoutA multi-thermogram based Bayesian model for the determination of the thermal diffusivity of a materialMetrologia2016
A. Arduino, L. Zilberti, M. Chiampi, O. BottauscioCSI-EPT in Presence of RF-Shield for MR-Coils”, IEEE Transactions on Medical ImagingEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging2017
A. Arduino, M. Chiampi, L. Zilberti, O. BottauscioAlternative Approaches to Magnetic Resonance-based Electric Properties Tomography and Local Specific Absorption Rate EstimationIEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 53(2)2016
A. B. ForbesWeighting observations from multi-sensor coordinate measuring systemsMeas. Sci. Technol.2012
A. B. ForbesAn MCMC algorithm based on GUM Supplement 1 for uncertainty evaluationMeasurement2012
A. B. ForbesUncertainty associated with form assessment in coordinate metrology.Int. J. of Metrol. and Qual. Eng. 4:17-222013
A. B. ForbesA two-stage MCM/MCMC algorithm for uncertainty evaluationIn F. Pavese, M. Bär, J.-R. Filtz, A. B. Forbes, L. Pendrill and K. Shirono, editors, Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools for Metrology IX, 159-170 2016
A. B. ForbesApproaches to evaluating measurement uncertaintyInt. J. of Metrol. and Qual. Eng., 3:71-772012
A. B. ForbesWeighting observations from multi-sensor coordinat measuring systemsMeas. Sci. Technol., Vol. 232012
A. B. Forbes and H. D. MinhGeneration of numerical artefacts for geometric form and tolerance assessmenInt. J. Metrol. Qual. Eng., pages 145-1502012
A. B. Forbes, M. G. Cox, G. B. Rossi and P. M. HarrisA probabilistic approach to the analysis of measurement processesMetrologia, 452008
A. Bosnjakovic, Dzemic ZijadLegal Metrology for Medical DevicesCMBEBIH2017
A. Dienstfrey, P. D. HaleColored Noise and Regularization Parameter Selection for Waveform MetrologyInstrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on2014
A. Dienstfrey, P. D. Hale, D. A. Keenan, T. S. Clement, D. F. WilliamsMinimum-Phase Calibration of Sampling OscilloscopesMicrowave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on2006
A. G. Steele and R. J. DouglasChi-squared statistics for KCRV candidatesMetrologia 42, 2532005
A. L. RukhinEstimating heterogeneity variance in meta-analysisJournal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B 75, 451–469 2013
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