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Scientific papers, guidelines, best-practice guides and relevant publications for mathematics and statistics in metrology are published by MATHMET members in various locations. In order to improve visibility of this work, MATHMET provides a searchable data base of relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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B. Toman, D.L. Duewer, H.G. Aragon, F.R. Guenther and G.C. RhoderickA Bayesian approach to the evaluation of comparisons of individually value-assigned reference materialsAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 403(2), 537-5482012
G. Lindner, S. Schmelter, R. Model, A. Nowak, V. Ebert und M. BärA Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on the Gas Mixing Capabilities of a Multiple Inlet SystemJ. Fluids Eng, 138(3), 0313022015
W. Zhang, N.F. Zhang and H. LiuA generalized method for the multiple artefacts problem in interlaboratory comparisons with linear trendsMetrologia 46, 345-350 2009
C. Elster, K. Klauenberg, M. Walzel, G. Wübbeler, P. Harris, M. Cox, C. Matthews, I. Smith, L. Wright, A. Allard, N. Fischer, S. Cowen, S. Ellison, P. Wilson, F. Pennecchi, G. Kok, A. van der Veen, and L. PendrillA Guide to Bayesian Inference for Regression ProblemsDeliverable of EMRP project NEW04 “Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation”2015
M.-A. Henn, H. Gross, F. Scholze, M. Wurm, C. Elster, and M. BärA maximum likelihood approach to the inverse problem of scatterometryOpt. Express 20, 12771-127862012
S. A. Bell, P. A. Carroll, S. L. Beardmore, C. England, N. ManderA methodology for study of in-service drift of meteorological humidity sensorsMetrologia 54(3)2017
G. H. Nam, M. G. Cox, P. M. Harris, S. P. Robinson, G. Hayman, G. A. Beamiss, T. J. Esward and I. M. SmithA model for characterizing the frequency-dependent variation in sensitivity with temperature of underwater acoustic transducers from historical calibration dataMeas. Sci. Technol. 18, 1553-15622007
T. J. Esward, A. de Ginestous, P. M. Harris, I. D. Hill, I. M. Smith, B. A. Wichmann and E. R. WoolliamsA Monte Carlo method for uncertainty evaluation implemented on a distributed computing systemMetrologia, 442007
A. Allard, N. Fischer, G. Ebrard, B. Hay, P. M. Harris, L. Wright, D. Rochais, J. MattoutA multi-thermogram based Bayesian model for the determination of the thermal diffusivity of a materialMetrologia2016
M. Music and M. Ahic-Džokic and Z. DžemicA new approach to detection of vortices using ultrasoundFlow Measurement and Instrumentation2015
J. P. HesslingA novel method of dynamic correction in the time domainMeasurement Science and Technology2008
J. P. HesslingA novel method of estimating dynamic measurement errorsMeasurement Science and Technology2006
J. P. HesslingA novel method of evaluating dynamic measurement uncertainty utilizing digital filtersMeasurement Science and Technology, 20, nr. 5, 0551062009
L. Zilberti, O. Bottauscio, M. Chiampi,A Potential-based Formulation for Motion-Induced Electric Fields in MRIIEEE Trans. Magn., Vol. 52(3)2015
A. B. Forbes, M. G. Cox, G. B. Rossi and P. M. HarrisA probabilistic approach to the analysis of measurement processesMetrologia, 452008
R. Model, A. Rathsfeld, H. Groß, M. Wurm and B. BodermannA scatterometry inverse problem in optical mask technology.J. Phys. 135, 0120712008
M. Anton, A. Kahnin, T. Kretz, M. Reginatto, C. ElsterA simple parametric model observer for quality assurance in computer tomographyPhysics in Medicine & Biology2018
G.M. Rocha and G.A. KyriazisaA software for the evaluation of the stability of measuring standards using Bayesian statisticsIn Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Measurements for Industry Applications, 386-3912004
S. Heidenreich, H. Gross, M.-A. Henn, C. Elster, and M. Bär A surrogate model enables a Bayesian approach to the inverse problem of scatterometryJ. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 490, 0120072014
K. Klauenberg, G. Wübbeler, B. Mickan, P. M. Harris, and C. ElsterA Tutorial on Bayesian Normal Linear RegressionMetrologia, 52(6)2015
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