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Scientific papers, guidelines, best-practice guides and relevant publications for mathematics and statistics in metrology are published by MATHMET members in various locations. In order to improve visibility of this work, MATHMET provides a searchable data base of relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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S. M. RiadThe deconvolution problem: An overviewProceedings of the IEEE1986
BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIMLGuide to the Expression of Uncertainty in MeasurementInternational Organization for Standardization, Geneva Switzerland1995
BIPMMutual Recognition of National Measurement Standards and of Calibration and Measurement Certificates Issued by National Metrology Institutes (MRA)BIPM1999
K. Weise and W. WögerRemoving model and data non-conformity in measurement evaluationMeasurement Science and Technology 11, 1649-16582000
M.G. CoxThe evaluation of key comparison dataMetrologia 39, 589-5952002
H. Källgren, M. Lauwaars, B. Magnusson, L. Pendrill and P. TaylorRole of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment in legal metrology and tradeAccred. Qual. Assur. 8, 541-5472003
R. Kacker and A. JonesOn the use of Bayesian statistics to make the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement consistentMetrologia, 40, 235-2482003
G.M. Rocha and G.A. KyriazisaA software for the evaluation of the stability of measuring standards using Bayesian statisticsIn Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Measurements for Industry Applications, 386-3912004
R.N. KackerCombining information from interlaboratory evaluations using a random effects modelMetrologia 41, 132-1362004
C.M. SuttonAnalysis and linking of international measurement comparisonsMetrologia 41, 272-2772004
D.R. WhiteOn the analysis of measurement comparisonsMetrologia 41, 122–131 2004
V. Wilkens, C. KochAmplitude and phase calibration of hydrophones up to 70 MHz using broadband pulse excitation and an optical reference hydrophoneThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America2004
T. R. Emardson, P.O.J. Jarlemark, P. FlobergUncertainty evaluation in multivariate analysis - a test case study.J. Math. Model. Algorithm. 4, 289-3052005
C. Elster, W. Wöger and M.G. CoxAnalysis of Key Comparison Data: Unstable Travelling StandardsMeasurement Techniques 48, 883-8932005
P.H. Garthwaite, J.B. Kadane and A. O'HaganStatistical Methods for Eliciting Probability DistributionsJournal of the American Statistical Association 100, 680-7012005
A. G. Steele and R. J. DouglasChi-squared statistics for KCRV candidatesMetrologia 42, 2532005
T. Quinn and J. KovaleskyThe development of modern metrology and its role todayPhil. Trans. R. Soc. A 363, 2307-23272005
J. P. HesslingA novel method of estimating dynamic measurement errorsMeasurement Science and Technology2006
W. Bich, M. G. Cox and P. M. HarrisThe evolution of the ‘Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurementMetrologia 43, 161-1662006
M. J. T. Milton, P. M. Harris, I. M. Smith, A. Brown and B. GoodyImplementation of a generalised least-squares method for determining calibration curves from data with general uncertainty structuresMetrologia 43, 291-2982006
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